This information is confidential, and will not be shared or seen by anyone other than our staff, so please fill out the following application completely and honestly.

There are two pages to the application. The first page is information about you, and the second allows you to send us photos of yourself. We would like to have clear pictures of your face, body, and cock, if possible. If you don't have any pictures of yourself, we will still consider your application. However, it will be easier for us to determine how we can work with you in advance if you can send images.

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Your Contact Information
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Remember, you must be at least 18 to be an adult model.
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Your Modelling Experience
Have you modeled before?
If yes, what type of modeling?
If so, for what companies?

Your Physical Description
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Hair: Color Cut
Addtional Information:
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Any tattoos or scars?
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Your Sexual Orientation and Interactivity

Please answer the questions below as truthfully as possible.
Check all boxes that may apply to you. Remebering that this is not a commitment.
The information you give, will allow us to best match your interests with
suitable productions and work.

We are committed to our models' comfort and dignity.
You will never be required to do anything you are not comfortable with.

Sexual Preference:
Who would you be willing to have sexual contact with for the purposes of producing adult materials?
What type of things are you
willing to do on cam?

For a Solo Shoot:

Fully nude
Playing with Toys (dildos)

If willing to do duos,
what type of things are you willing to do on cam?

For a Boy/girl shoot:
Straight Sex (i'd fuck opposite sex)
Oral Sex (i'd let a guy go down on me)
Oral Sex (i'd go down on a guy)
Anal Sex (i'd get fucked in the ass)
Gang Bangs (groups)

For a Girl/girl Shoot:
Oral Sex (i'd let a chick go down on me)
Oral Sex (i'd go down on a chick)
Toys with another chick

Everyone likes different things. Please feel free to tell us the details of what you like to do sexually, alone or with others.


Please include photos that will allow us get a realistic view of what you look like.
Photos should be clear, of medium resolution, and recently taken .
Applications without photos will be rejected.

Face pic: *
Photos of you wearing glasses or hats, or with shadows on your face will be considered the same as not submitting the photo at all. Please, show us your face!
Body pic: *
We need to see what your body looks like. Please send a photo of yourself shirtless. Complete nudity is not required. We just want to see how you're built.
Addtional pic:
If you have a special attribute to show off, or just want to show us another great shot of yourself, here's the place to do it.